Conscious Child, Mindful Parent

Guest Feature: 

Kristen Hanna is a mother of two, mindfulness practitioner and guide who specifically works with pregnant women and other moms. Her intention is to teach tangible self-regulating practices and share in transparent experiences across the mothering community that will help to create more peaceful, loving environments for babies and children as they grow. She believes that a self-aware mother grows compassionate kids. Through her work, she is striving to close the gap by providing more information as she learns alongside.

Discussion Highlights:

  • The definition of mindful parenting
  • Different parenting styles
  • Additional Mindful parenting resources
  • How mindful parenting affects children
  • How mindful parenting affects parents
  • The importance of community in child-rearing

On My Radar:

  • Adjourn Tea House : Adjourn Tea House is an artisanal loose leaf tea company that offers beautifully unique, superior quality, hand-blended teas that are sustainably sourced from around the world.
  • Mothering Tea: Mothering Tea is a wellness-focused tea company based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and aims to help moms reconnect with themselves by prioritizing self-love practices steeped in premium loose leaf teas. 

Kristen’s Book Recommendation: 

Where to find Kristen : Instagram


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Hi I’m Cassandre and I’m passionate about self-care practices for Black millennial women- especially moms – who’ve been socialized to be self-sacrificing since birth.

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